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DPH COVID-19 Update 7/29/2020

The latest order is dated July 29 and effective at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 31 will be posted in its entirety on stlcorona.com later today.

  • Jul 29, 2020
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St. Louis County Department of Public Health COVID-19 Update July 29, 2020


Paused Re-Opening Order

As noted by Dr. Page on Monday, we are announcing changes in the reopening order that has been in effect. The latest order is dated July 29 and effective at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 31. The new order will be posted in its entirety on stlcorona.com by the end of the day today. Highlights include: 


  • The Order rescinds the Second Amended Re-Opening Order, but maintains all the Guidelines that were promulgated under that Order.
  • All Businesses that are subject to capacity limitations are reduced from 50 percent down to 25 percent capacity. This is based on the authorized fire or building code occupancy and includes employees, staff and customers. For example, if a banquet facility's occupancy limit is 100 people, only 25 people can be present.
  • Businesses subject to capacity limitations include grocery stores and retail stores, personal services (hair, nail, etc), churches, funeral services, banquet and conference facilities. Generally, capacity limitations apply when a business offers a service or goods for sale that requires interaction with the public.  
  • Gathering Limitations are included in this Order.  No gatherings of over 50 people are allowed. The gathering limitation does NOT apply to:

               a. businesses that are subject to capacity limitations of 25%

               b. professional Businesses - think offices, legal, accounting, etc.

               c. public transit, including airports

               d. hospitals

               e. schools (they have their own plans)

               f. shelters

               g. daycare and camps

               h. polling places

If a business is subject to capacity limitations or the business is already subject to other guidelines (like public transit, daycare, etc.) then it is not subject to gathering limitations.

  • Certain Businesses and planned activities must submit a proposed plan to DPH for approval.  If a proposed plan is submitted and approved, the business or activity can proceed.  DPH will require the business or activity to comply with capacity restrictions, social distancing requirements and other restrictions to keep people safe. Even if approved, DPH has the authority to withdraw approval or change the plans. These businesses and activities subject to this planning process are:

               a. entertainment and attraction venues (Six Flags, Butterfly House, Magic House, etc)

               b. concert venues

               c. mass Sporting events

               d. museums

               e. casinos

               f.  playgrounds


Contact Information

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services hotline: (877) 435-8411. St. Louis County COVID-19 website stlcorona.com.