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Face Covering Order Amendment

Effective Monday, August 24th, the Face Covering Order has been amended to the following changes: 

  • Requires masks to be worn in educational institutions, public or private, in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12).
  • There are a few times during the school day that a student can remove their masks:
    • While at recess or in physical education class, as long as students are at least 6 feet apart;
    • While participating in band, choir, or music class, as long as students are at least 6 feet apart;
    • While consuming food or drink as long as students are at least 6 feet apart; and
    • In accordance with DPH’s Youth Sport Guidelines while participating in a school sponsored sport. 
  • The Order changes the age for children to wear masks in public accommodations from over the age of 9 to over the age of 5 - to reflect the requirement now in schools. If a 5 year old is attending kindergarten they must wear a face covering.
  • The Order specifically states that businesses "must" deny entry to customers who refuse to wear a face covering. Modifying the language from “authorizing", to "must deny" entry, empowers the businesses to enforce the requirement.‚Äč

The St. Louis County Department of Public Health has received many complaints that some businesses are not requiring face coverings.  The clarification of this language should not only assist businesses in enforcing the requirement, but also make customers feel more protected. The Face Covering Guidelines provide alternatives to businesses who provide goods or services to those unable to wear face coverings due to a medical condition or those who refuse to wear a face covering for other reasons. A business can provide curbside/delivery to the customer and a business may allow entry if the person is willing to wear a face shield instead of a face covering.

The amended orders will be posted online at later today. 

Youth Sports Guidance

For clarification purposes, the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health has not amended its Youth Sports Guidelines. At this time, the current guidelines remain in effect until further notice, are posted online in its entirety and can be found here. Again, no changes have occured or plan to be made to Youth Sports Guidance at this time.  

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